Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oleander-Something Beautiful

After a hiatus, not a "break up", Oleander have returned with an amazing collection
of songs that, collected together, create "Something Beautiful".  The first single was actually "Fight!", about over a year ago.  At that moment, Thomas Flowers and his crew were still searching for the proper fit for this album to be released, and throughout that time, some WWE exposure, and local west coast shows, they remained in line and primed to launch.  Released last month, the song "Something Beautiful", reached airwaves and digital outlets everywhere.  It is gaining speed and exposure in popularity.  Oleander is setting up some shows, and playing big festivals, including Ohio's Rock On The Range in May.  My favorite track from this "well worth the wait" album, is a song called "Save Me".  I believe both lyrically and vocally, Thomas nailed it on the head with every note and line.  Other songs I highly suggest you give a first listen to right away are "Something Beautiful", "Never Too Late", "Bulletproof", "Until It's Over", and "How Do We Say Goodbye".  I know that is just about the entire album, but that is pretty much the point.  This is a quality release, and on April 16th, I suggest you head to your favorite digital site and grab a copy, or hit up Oleander's official site, which the link is below, and order a physical copy....also ask your local stores....the point is, find the damn album anyway you can to support this great band!!
RATING: 9.5/10

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