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Friday, April 12, 2013

Stone Sour-House of Gold And Bones Part 2

Corey Taylor's better side, Stone Sour, have completed their saga with House
Of Gold And Bones Part 2.  The first single released to radio a bit of time ago is titled, "Do Me A Favor".  It peaked at number one on Sirius Octane's "Big Uns" countdown.  Lyrically, the songs are far better than anything Corey has done, the composure of these masterpieces are brilliant, and so well done.  "Black John" is a steady rocker, with edges of gritty teeth.  "If I Fail, If I fall........"...lyrics from my second favorite track off this record, the song being "Stalemate".  There is some melodic tenderness to it, and a blend of Slipknot as well.  In the song " '82", Corey and the band leave us a radio friendly tune with excellent and catchy lyrics about regret and life in general, this song should be their next single without a doubt!  If you want the saddest song, or my favorite song off the album overall, then tune it to "The Conflagration", which is so incredible.  Lyrically strong, musically brilliant, and you will forget that this very same vocalist is also the same one for the metal band Slipknot.  Such talent, indeed.  The final track, which is pretty much the album title track, "The House Of Gold And Bones", is steady, and rocks hard.  There is some explicit lyrics to it, but overall, that makes the song strong, and end the standard edition of the album with a stamp of power and approval.  I approve of this record 110%, buy it online or in the stores, just support them, they deserve the recognition.  No doubt!
RATING: 10/10

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