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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Sammus Theory-Entitled Anonymous

Just when you thought this band couldn't top their previous album, they prove you
wrong again, and again.  With their latest effort, titled ENTITLED ANONYMOUS, Sam Hughes and the band blast their way into one hell of a record!  The lead track is an "air-ripper", a guitar shredding machine of a song.  The track, titled "Replica Ego", is brilliantly composed.  The screams toward the end keep you pumped and ready for track two.  Track two, well, that's another thrill ride of a musical journey.  "Scarlet Letter Devil" hits hard with pounding beats and breakdowns from the beginning.  Lyrically, it is one of the album's finest.  This song is one of my personal favorites, and I could see this as a future single from this record, there's no doubt.  It's one fucking catchy tune, so rock your ass off to it people!!  This album kicks it!  Track three, "Numb", was the song that the band gave us the first taste of the record from.  The single is quite catchy and well rock-driven.  However, I just don't find it as  my favorite, but I love it at the same time.  The break downs in the melodies keep me into the song very much so, and it does help me "find a way to turn the page" the lyrics go.  "Entitled Anonymous, track four, is my favorite song off the album.  I love the rhythm, the composition, and the lyrics.  I enjoy Sam's vocals, the guitars, and just everything inside the soul of the track.  I highly suggest you pick this entire album up on April 23rd, when it is released.  It is money well spent, there is absolutely no other excuse not to buy this masterful force of music!  The songs following, "Deadline" and "Awakening", continue to keep the same formula of straight rock, hard driven lyrics, and let's jump until our heads fall the fuck off beats!!  This album is so much better then anything they've released prior.  I love this record.  I cannot state that enough, I back this release 110%.  Track ten, titled "Dig Your Grave", is the heaviest song of the album.  It is one brutal piece of music, and it simply kicks ass, to put it mildly.  I love it, love it, love it!!  The screams, the terrifying vocals, I mean, wow!!  This is a must!!  You say you love rock or  metal?-Buy this album on April 23rd, hands down!!  The bottom line is, The Sammus Theory are back with a fierce force, and don't fuck with them.  They say they "don't give a fuck who you are"....and you can bank on that.  So, bank on buying this work of art!
RATING:10+/10 (One of the Best)

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