Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Alaina Blair-Alaina Blair

Well folks, Alaina Blair is back on the scene with her first full length release.  Let
me just say, this album will rock you to your feet, and that is a good thing.  I love this record from track one to track ten.  "Sweet Talkin' Lola", the first song, is a blues-driven, rockin' tune, that sets the tone for the album.  It reminds me a lot of Orianthi music in some moments, and also with some country thrown into the mix.  "Fall From Grace", track number two, is a bit slower, but written very well, and one of my favorites off this album.  Alaina does very well vocally on this track, and the organ is performed gracefully by her music partner, Billy Alexander.  Such a wonderful, blissfully composed track!  The third song on the album, titled "Down", is an upbeat track with great melody and rhythm.  Alaina's vocal range is shown well in this song, and lines like "you've been holding me under, and it's been making me wonder...."...are so deep and driven well into our heads.  This track is so good, it's got the word, "single" written all over it.  It reminds me a lot of a Sheryl Crow track.  Now, onto my most favorite song off the album, and currently of any album out there right now.  The song is called "I'm A Mess".  I absolutely love this song, it is by far my favorite song of the album, and it rocks to the bottom of the bottle, and into the next bottle!!  I enjoy the beat of the tune, and Alaina and Billy do one hell of a job with this song, if you want to sample any track from this record on a site to decide to purchase this album (which you should anyways), this is the track you definitely should sample first, no doubt!!  The tracks "Why", "Goodbye To Love", and "Tellin' Time", are all three killer tune, both lyrically and vocally.  I mean, I have no clue why more people have not gotten word on Alaina Blair, but this record will get their attention, there is absolutely no doubt about it.  If you thought my love for the GYPSY GIRL EP, was grand, this album by far surpasses it.  I thoroughly enjoyed this, loved it, and will be rocking out to it, jamming to it, and praising it to all my friends and colleagues for days, months to come.  By the way, check out the song, which I believe is track number nine, called "Place To Escape".  That track is well worth the record itself as well, let there be no doubt whatsoever.  Grab this album, from one of the links below, head to the sites, check out Alaina, give her facebook a "like", support this beauty, this talent.  She flatout rocks, and you will be rocking to once you pick up this wonderful musical effort.  Alaina Blair is the next big thing, that is the main point here, listen to what defines "real" music, Alaina defines it quite well, in her own way, so you've heard it here....watch for Alaina everywhere...soon!!

Alaina Blair-"Just Belong"


  1. It is so great to see others put into words what I have felt for the past year. I first saw Alaina last June and she absolutely amazed me. I have seen her on several occasions since then and have NEVER been disappointed. Her range, as you mention, is so great. When she performs with other acts it gives you perspective on how accomplished she is compared to them. Her EP Gypsy Girl is wonderful and this album just adds to the wealth of music emanating from Alaina and Billy.
    Every opportunity I have I will tell people what they are missing. Alaina needs to be heard by the World. They will be better off for it.