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Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Dirty Addiction-My Dirty Addiction

                    My Dirty Addiction has come a long way, and sweat a lot of tears for us to hear some great music.  The band just released their first album in early 2013, and by all accounts the release show and album have been a success thus far, and there seems to only be one way to go from here, and that's up!  Lead vocalist, Harry Bestolarides, seems nothing short of optimistic on the band's future.  His voice soars in the band's famous track, "Crash and Burn".  The song, to me, is my favorite by My Dirty Addiction, and lyrically shows the true talent and potential this up and coming band has with them.  The guitar in this song is well played and showcased as well, reminds me of Candlebox guitar melodies that!  I will admit, the vocals could be a bit louder, but for demos pretty much, and streaming songs from what I've heard the tracks from, the music is top notch.  Their reverbnation page is a great source for all their information, as well as the homepage.  "Rock All Night", one of the newest tracks, kicks you into high gear, and has that feel of a little Jet Black Stare (if you recall that band), or for those more familiar, new Drowning Pool music, or even sounding like rocking Brides of Destruction music, back from Nikki Sixx days......, either way you compare it, it rocks!  Another catchy, and good tune is "Tattoos and Tequila".  The title says it all, and you can guess how this little track dances you into the mood.....lyrically catchy as well.  "Hit me once, hit me twice, hit me three for a real good time.....", check this band out for an even better time!  If you get the chance, catch them at a show, grab a tune, listen online, support and "like" the band on their facebook link (below), don't say I didn't warn you, they are going to go somewhere'll want to be a part of this rising.  My Dirty Addiction is indeed addicting, and they are here to you like it or not, the addiction won't go away!
RATING: 9.5/10


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