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Monday, February 18, 2013

ZROKK (Zac Diebels)-"I Came To Dance (feat. Beka)" single

                   Zac Diebels has been at for many, many years now, and you may not know that just yet.
In the early '90's, Zac was in an alternative rock band, known as Simon Says.  The band released some indie records, before signing with the defunct Hollywood Records label.  There, they released their major debut, JUMP START.  The album had a track on the Varsity Blues soundtrack, and featured hits such as "Slider", and "Perfect Example".  The band toured with bands like Cold, Filter, Drain STH, and others.  Simon Says went to work on their second major release, SHUT YOUR BREATH.  Lead vocalist, Matt Franks (a long time friend to this day of Zac's), presented a lot more screaming, and more anger on this record.  The band released it, the promo copy had the track, "Dyslexic Smile" on it, and the label proceeded to cut that track due to the lyrical content, amongst other reasons.  To me, the song is killer by the way!  I happen to own a promo copy of that album.  This started a downward trend and eventually Simon Says and Hollywood Records split, and that was the end of Simon Says, but not Zac Diebels, not by a longshot.  The band transformed into a lighter rock band, though a very good one, in Key to Arson, who put out an independent album, titled LIGHT EM UP, and then re-released LIGHT EM UP, with additional new tracks and mixes, both very good records, own 'em both!  The band flirted with Atlantic Records, or so I heard or read somewhere, but eventually, Matt Franks wanted to settle down, which is understandable, and the band parted ways, or so we thought.  Next up, was a band that is still active, at least here and there when Zac has the time, lol, that band in California is known as Automatic Static.  They rock hard, and this time Zac is lead vocals, and Matt Franks is usually on the guitar.  The band is signed with Gas Can Music, and releases their music digitally, has a few eps out, and check out I-Tunes, and most digital retailers, they got their goods....I recommend it as well!!  However, Zac's current project, "ZROKK", is different.  While loving his beautiful wife, sporting classy shoes, and drinking shit loads of Coca-Cola, Z has found a remarkable edge in the techno/electronic field of music.  The first single off of his upcoming release, TH BTCHRS BLL, is titled "I Came To Dance".  The song is available at most digital outlets as well, and features two versions.  One version features the lovely vocals of Beka, and the other is straight electronica edge, no vocals from Beka.  I'd grab them both, as they are killer!!  I love Zac's work, I have followed him, obviously, for over twenty years, and everything he's touched has been excellent work.  I cannot wait to get a copy of TH BTCHRS BLL album, and do a review on that electric masterpiece.  The beats are dope, the technique in this song is off the hook, and the range and tempo is outstanding.  Beka adds a whole different element, which is why I recommend both versions, it's just a couple of bucks....and well, well worth it!!  Check the links below for more information, and grab this track, get down, and rock out to the beats of Zac.
RATING: 10/10





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