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Monday, February 18, 2013

Dido-Girl Who Got Away

                     Dido has returned, after her "safe trip home", and with her fourth album, she has shined bright yet again.  The album hits the US on March 26, 2013 in both standard and deluxe versions, the deluxe being a 2-disc collection, which features remixes as well as a few standard bonus tracks.  This album is a lot more comparable to her debut, LIFE FOR RENT, release.  It has a bit more of a collaborative style than LIFE FOR RENT, however, Dido's vocals are more clear, crisp, and darker.  Basically, lyrical-wise, she is much better now, than before.  Her current single, "Just Say Yes", is my favorite track of the album.  It is edgy, with a twist of pop and rock....I love the combination, I'm sure you will as well.  If I had to pick a least favorite song from this record, I'm sorry to say, but I believe I've found a weakness in the song, "No Freedom".  The track is very repetitive, and at times, quite dull.  I see it as a single release, however, I just think the single lacks strength, and in comparison with the rest of the album, it doesn't stand neck and neck at all.  A crowning moment is the rap collaboration on the album, with the track, "Let Us Move On".  I enjoyed that song, and think it is the best to aim toward radio play, as was Eminem's stance with the song, "Stan".  Though, I will admit, this song is not as good as "Stan", it is quite the effort nonetheless.  Dido has proven leaving behind the band, Faithless, was a good choice to this day, and she still has what it takes to keep us interested in her music, and her brilliant vocals.  I recommend grabbing the standard version, and if you want some bonus track, hit up the digital outlets.....the remixes aren't quite worth extra money, if you want an honest opinion.  Overall, a good release for Dido, not her very best, but much better than her previous two, that is certain. 
RATING: 8/10





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