Monday, February 18, 2013

Element A440-Whips, Knives, Candles, and Quills

Element A440 aren't new to the scene at all, and you can tell right off the
bat by their sounds.  If they remind you of a more industrial version of a pissed off Marilyn Manson, then you are headed in the right direction.  This band was introduced to me a bit back, by a former friend of mine, and I've been hooked since.  Their latest release, not simply titled, WHIPS, KNIVES, CANDLES, AND QUILLS, is a powerhouse of rock, industrial, and addicting music!  Their first single from the album, and my favorite from the effort as well, titled "Kookie Kutter", is fantastic!!  It is well put together, and lyrically stabs at you in every imaginable way.  The music video is featured below, and there are three versions, including one live cut, of the song on video, I've featured version one.  It's a simple lyric theme for "Kookie Kutter", the basic, "...if you like violence...say ya....if you like...."and so on, but the groove is catchy, and reminds us so much of Manson, you cannot help but get hooked somewhat to most of the fourteen track on the album.  Another highlight of the effort is "Something Cruel", which is a more dark and twisted song, somewhat slower than others on the album.  "The Sore" is an infectious track, with a hook the reels you in, and a disease the you just fucking love!!  The worst track on the latest album, if I was to pick one, would be "Godidiotocracy".  The title is just stupid, and it doesn't really catch my attention at any point in the song at all.  However, that being said, I would definitely grab the whole album at a digital outlet, it's worth the "infectious hook" it brings with it, and you'll enjoy it overall, I'm pretty certain of that much.  Oh ya, there is no doubt :)
RATING: 9/10

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