Saturday, December 28, 2013

Full Devil Jacket-Valley Of Bones

Well, the times have changed, the world has indeed changed, but the vocals have not.  Full Devil Jacket are back, and no it's not exactly what you expect it to be.  This is not a "satanic", head-smashing, ritualistic experience that seemed to be what  some pieces of their debut self-titled record was.  This is not "Mr Wiggly", this is not "Stain", and this is not, "Green Iron Fist" (from the Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack).  All I can say to those comparisons is, thank God!  This album is a breath of fresh air, a breath of "welcome back" Full Devil Jacket".  By now, after surfing the web, most of you have heard the track, "7 Times Down".  Although, a bit different on the album, the song keeps true to form, and is killer!  The lead song, "Killers", is my personal favorite, and gets the flow going on the album.  With lyrics like "'s the same old fucking darkness it's always been, I want to run, run, run, run, run away....."; the song is addicting and very much so a catchy track from VALLEY OF BONES.  "Valley of Bones" is most likely, if there is such a thing from the record, my least favorite song off of it, because it seems to run so smooth, and so to the point....seemingly lacking that "special" moment, though it still has Josh Brown's vocals, so that does give it something special.  Other standout tracks are "The Moment", "Paper Crown", "Blood Of The Innocent", and "Time In The Flames".  Please, don't get me wrong, all ten basic tracks on the release are solid, and worthy of your purchase and checking out, without a doubt, I mean, there is NO DOUBT!  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to jam, rock, or who thought Josh Brown and/or Full Devil Jacket were "dead".  Think again, think twice, and hear this album!!  Just sample one song from it where you can, and then you'll be buying it, that is for sure!
RATING: 10/10


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