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Monday, January 13, 2014

Emperors And Elephants-Devil In The Lake

Want to take a swim?  Emperors and Elephants are ready to bring a tidal wave of rock to your musical ears .  Leading off the album with the smasher, "Bring It Down", you get a vibe that something bigger is coming on this album, and folks, I promise it is.  With DEVIL IN THE LAKE, Emperors And Elephants have brought their souls with the rock and rolls, and dance the devil out of his fucking shoes......burn it baby, burn it!!  "Who You Are"...begs you to "Rise!!!" and your body wants to tear the air up with aching grooves and a rock and roll melody that some of us can only imagine we could play.  Is there a weakness in this album?  I would have to say it just doesn't have enough tracks, I wish there were more!  I wanted to hear more of this "infectious", solid, and driven rock that Emperors and Elephants brings with them.  I am confident fans will see this and another album will be on the way, but for now, let's enjoy the one that is due January 27/28 of 2014!!  Inside the record, all the goodies you find are the track, "Your Will", which has already been spinning in Chicago on their rock stations, and you have to really love the take of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game".  I know some may think this lame, I thought the same thing at first, but after hearing the version by Emperors And Elephants, I give credit where credit is due, and must say it's a solid take!  Nice cover, indeed!  "Hit Of Red" is my favorite track off the album, and I end on this note because this song resonated with me so much, and I want to thank this band personally from the bottom of my heart for writing this track.  I know its a slow song at first, then a rocker once it picks up, but lyrically, I felt it deep.  Emperors And Elephants touch different emotions and different highs and lows of life on this record, and to say this isn't worth your money, well, that's definitely a lie.  BUY THIS UPON IT'S RELEASE, IT'S WELL WORTH IT, BELIEVE ME, ROCK AND ROLL LIVES with these guys!!
RATING: 10/10
Emperors And Elephants-"Who You Are" LYRIC Video

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