Monday, January 13, 2014

Scent Of Remains-Under A Blackened Sky

Scent Of Remains are here to being the ripped off face of metal to your doorstep.  Wow!  If you are a fan of Devildriver, Wayne Static, Dope, Watain, and more metal acts with ferocious riffs and terrorizing hooks, this band will knock your seat out from under your ass!  "The Forfeit", is a straight rocker, brutal, deep, and a screamer that definitely eats at the core of aggression.  If this song doesn't get your attention, I am not sure what song would wake your ass up!!  The songs, "Hold You Under", my favorite track off the record, is brutal, in your face, and smacks the fuck out of you.  Basically, if you weren't wanting to jam, rock, or jump around, then this song has pretty much already made you do that by now, ha!  For some melody, hit up the track "From Ash We Rise", it still has the brutality, but very reminiscent if an All That Remains track, the song kicks it hardcore, and has infectious and melodic hooks!!  Definitely came close to my fave off the record!!  Another killer track, one that rips the eyes from the mirrors you stare into wondering if what you're hearing is for real, is "Exhale Oblivion".  That's all I can really say to that tune, perhaps also I can throw in a "wow"!!  Overall, the album is a continual burial of hard rock, metal, some thrash, brutality at it's finest.   If Ozzfest were alive today, they would be there for sure!!  You definitely want this if your a fan of the above bands, including All That Remains, Drowning Pool, Soil, Devildriver, and others.......ending this album with the song titled "These Dying Days" is incredible.  The song completes the journey, and is one hell of a song.  Feel it, love it, rock to it, and most importantly, fucking support these guys and buy it!!
RATING: 10/10

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