Sunday, December 22, 2013

Alaina Blair-Alive Again (Single)

She's back, and she's back in a big way!!  "Alive Again", Alaina's upcoming new single, is one amazing lead off hit, the propels her into even more an afterburner of a world of musical stardom than we even thought she could even exist in before.  Even after one EP, and one excellent album, this single excels beyond the point of no return.  The slower intro of the song, citing, "Broken down, and turned around......." are excellent lead lyrics...then they soar into more lifting lyrics like ""I didn't know that I could fly this high reach out and touch the sky, defy the laws of gravity..........feeling alive again."  Speaking of "lyrics", along along Alaina's side, were the ppowerful forces of well known powerhouses Jane Bach (Reba), and Mr. Billy Alexander himself, who has really been blazing along with the guitar as well, and his writing has been no different.  Those combined skills are a path to stardom for sure!
  The passion of this song is incredible, and holds motivation and definitely designs for her fans a path of belief that she is for real.  Alaina's voice has never been so strong, and the song is so well written, the vocals are so well done, that there is no reason this time Alaina Blair does not hit the charts with a huge bang!  People have got to know this woman, I cannot believe she is not more of a household name, but Alaina is "alive again" now.....and with "Alive Again", written by the best writers out there, Alaina has indeed marked her territory with a musical passion and fury.  Welcome back Alaina, we embrace you, we feel you "Alive Again"!!
"Alive Again" !!

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