Friday, December 20, 2013

ISSUES-Stingray Affliction (Single)

Issues are here with their blistering new single, "Stingray Affliction".  The song serves up as track seven off their self-titled album, which is a follow up to their successful EP, which began as a Hot Topic "only available" item.  This track slams into high gear right away, with gritty vocals, screams, and thrashing guitars, all of which definitely get your attention!  I wasn't quite sure about the song, until I started to hear the breakdown portions of the track throughout the song.  The more and more I heard the thunderous beats of those riffs, and lyrically how much angrier and better this song was than just about their previous, entire EP was, I began to dig my mind into jamming into this piece of art.  This is a mosh pit waiting to happen, and the anger waiting to be unleashed, is going to be echoed as soon as you hear this little tune known as "Stingray Affliction"!  I believe you should do not only the band a favor, but your ears, and stereo a favor, and hop onto I Tunes and pre order the album while you're there, and for about a buck or so, grab this track, since the album drops in mid-February.  This will hold you over until then, and you will be salivating for the masterpiece to be unleashed by the time it is due!

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