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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cyrenic-Slow Emotion (Single)

"Slow Emotion", the latest single from the east coast band, Cyrenic is raw and powerful.  Brian Zuckerman, the man behind the wheels of this project, has given us a song that shows passion, and feelings that we never thought we knew existed.  "Slow Emotion" has the signature tone to a Cyrenic track, piano, guitar, and those fucking amazing vocals!  "Slow Emotion" is gripping and draws you in with all you can take!  You will love this song, and for the mere 99 cents it costs at the digital store of your choice, it is so worth the money.  Lyrically, it is one of their best songs to date, showing a degree of a torn love, and yet, a desire to be needed.  For me, personally, this hits right at home, especially at this moment in my life.  The breakdowns in this song aren't very often, which isn't bad, because you get the flow, and the misery that the song describes, and it all just masterfully fits together.  People, I won't lie, never do on this site, I love this track!!  It is one of my favorite Cyrenic ones to date.  Pick the song up today, if you hate, I will personally refund your money!  The haunting vocals, the emotion, the "slow emotion" at that, will grab you and draw you into a blissful world of music perfection.  Buy the song today, or at least head to their facebook page, give them a "like", and listen to the track, try it out.  You will be drawn in.  No doubt.
RATING: 10/10

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