Friday, December 13, 2013

A Skylit Drive-Rise

A Skylit Drive are well known for their screams and haunting lyrics.  RISE, their latest effort, grabbed my attention from the very start.  The cover was very unique, and from the sample I had heard, I was yearning to hear more.  The first cut I had heard, titled "Fallen", was floating around, and ended up on the special edition version.  This track had edge and a smoothness to it.  However what set them so far away from previous records they had in the past was the track called, ""Save Me Tragedy".  This is an incredible song, and caught me off guard!  I love this song, and it made me want a few copies of this record.  They belong on tour now, and I hope to catch them soon!  Do yourself a favor for the price f under ten bucks, pick up a copy of this one, it will not disappoint you.
RATING: 10/10

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