Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starset-My Demons (Single)

Dustin Bates is already known for his talents in his successful rock band, Downplay.  However, he has ventured out to a new scene, and you can help but get a "thrill" vibe from this effort.  I have only unfortunately had the the chance to hear a couple of tracks, like the ravaging tune called ,"Carnivore", and the very well remixed version of  their song "Let It Die".  To top it all though, the current single, which was a song written back in the Downplay days, "My Demons", blisters the airwaves, as is evident by it's current chart success on Sirius Radio, and other national radio outlets out there.  The infectious hooks pull you in, the song is evident of Dustin's true talents as both a writer and a musician.  This is a single you have got to pick up, and the album, when it does drop, grab a for the car, and one for home.  It will elevate your music level to the stars  and your "demons" sure has hell won't find your ass there!!  Wow, got to love this song!
RATING: 9.75/10

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  1. Have you seen the video for "My Demons" yet? so good