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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I See Stars-New Demons

Hailing and tearing it up all the way from Warren, Michigan, these guys have been through
total hell and back.  Having had appearances from the likes of current rising country music star, and former lead vocals of the Warped Tour group, Hey Monday, Cassadee Pope-the band has had it's variances.  On their first record they had the power rap the man himself, in Bizzy Bone.  However, we're talking about the NEW DEMONS record here, and this album tears shit up.  Kicking off with a nice intro of "Initialization Sequence", which we can imagine as a crowd starter at any concert, and I would love to catch a show, no doubt.  The aggression launches into full throttle with the angst of "Ten Thousand Feet".  The scream, and haunting growls make you want to tear your ceiling off and jump as high as you can.  Lyrically, it's not composed as perfect as most out there, but it is well out and gets the anger across well to where we get the fucking picture, it's angry time!!  "New Demons", the title track to the effort, is incredible, it is pure anger, and with lines such as "I pray I forget you", please don't forget this song, as I doubt you will nonetheless.  This is a jam for certain!  On track six, "Murder Mitten", which they recently shot a video for the single, it is by far my favorite off the album.  The beats go hand and hand.  Vocally they offer more diversity on this track than any of the eleven others.  I  mean, with twelve heart pounding tracks, and head banging rage, where could you go wrong.  The price is reasonable as well.  Sumerian Records did well once again here, and I believe you buy the hard copy, you get one or two stickers inside as well!  Hey, more freebies!!  Overall, buy this digitally or physically, its a pounder, and well worth the beats it rips through the frequencies in the air!!
RATING 9.5/10

                                                                    "Murder Mitten"
Copyright 2013 Sumerian Records......


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