Sunday, December 15, 2013

Of Mice & Men-You're Not Alone (Single)

Austin Carlile and the band have come a long way from Costa Mesa, California.  Having
traveled all over the map, touring with many band, including an upcoming smash run with the popular band BRING ME THE HORIZON in 2014, the band has a new record set for release.  The new album, slated currently for a January 28th, 2014 shelf and digital release date, will no doubt be highly anticipated!  The new single from that upcoming release is titled, "You're Not Alone".  This is a major departure from the fan's expectations, and I must admit and keep to my honesty policy I believe it is a let down.  However, musically, it's pretty solid.  I will not give it a failing grade, so please Austin, don't come after me man, lol.  There is intensity in this track and it does own an edge, but lack the scream, the anger, and I feel a turn for the band.  I sense the album may be in this same way, but let us hope not.  Overall, try it out, it may grow on you, it has grown on me, so it is worth the purchase, for now.  Bring it, grab that buck or buck and twenty-nine cents and put more new tunes in those ears!!


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