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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adema-Topple The Giants

Well folks, Adema is back this April, with another EP of sorts, and three of the songs
are brand new.  Now if that's not exciting, listen to this.  None of them are sang by the previous release's vocalist.  I give this band a lot of credit for sticking around, and hanging tough in this industry, they've had a few rough slides over the years.  This time, through their first single from this EP, "Resolution", you eerily hear a little bit of their first record and some of their UNSTABLE record, and INSOMNIAC'S DREAM EP as well.  All with lead vocalist at the time, Mark Chavez.  This is because their guitarist was doing a lot of the screams as well, so you'll hear that in the recordings, now how that translates into a live show remains to be seen.  I enjoyed the EP, mainly because I obtained a promo copy.  I haven't seen a price for it much anywhere, except on Best Buy's website, for $11.99 as of today, I would suggest highly, a digital download purchase through your favorite retailer.  Just pic the tracks that you enjoy through the sampling.  I do not recommend buying the entire physical album, unless your an avid fan of course.  My favorite track from this record, is their remake of their song, "Immortal".  It feels good to hear the screaming from Tim again, and it has more of an "edge" to it than the prior version, at least in my honest opinion.  Only about seven tracks long, as I stated, go digital, grab what you want, but believe this: the EP, in no way does it "topple the giants".
RATING: 6/10

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