Saturday, March 9, 2013

Orianthi-Heaven In This Hell

The famed female guitarist is back with her most ferocious release to date yet.
Orianthi is releasing HEAVEN IN THIS HELL on Tuesday March 12th, 2013.  The album, which features my favorite song as well, off the release, titled "Frozen", is amazing.  From top to bottom, her guitar blaze across the sky and she unleashes her soul through the strings of that guitar and the needles in her outstanding female vocals.  Orianthi, if you were not aware, was all set to tour with Michael Jackson, before he passed away tragically a couple of years ago.  She shows us exactly what he must have seen in her talent in this record, no doubt.  Another excellent track, "You Don't Wanna Know", shows her lyrical talents off very well, and you can foresee her brilliance as both a writer, guitarist, and vocalist.  She is one amazing talent, I promise you.  This is her third full length release overall, and she has grown quite well, showing greater confidence and talent.  "Filthy Blues", another excellent track, showcases just that,  her blues side, and boy does she have one.  Her melodies and music remind me of Billy Alexander and another guy you may know as Jonny Lang.  Billy Alexander plays alongside various players, one specifically, Alaina Blair.  You'll wanna check out her review and music as well, from this site.  Orianthi has many hit tracks on this album that could easily be radio singles as rock, blues, or other genres to jam to.  My last comment on this record is that I wish there was more to it.  It contains only twelve tracks, and it leaves you wanting more.  Now, as of today, I am not aware of a deluxe version coming out, perhaps in the future one will.  Bottom line is that you should either pick this up digitally or physically, I believe hard copy-wise, it is around ten bucks.  The choice is yours, though the point is, you definitely do not want to miss this!!
RATING: 9.5/10

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