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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vanna-The Few And The Far Between

On March 19th, 2013, Vanna unleash their latest nail biting album.  This time,
the music more raw, aggressive, and straight to the point.  The lead single, "Year Of The Rat", is a mere sample of the power this album really has.  You'll really enjoy this record, especially if you enjoyed their prior release, which was called THEY CAME BARING BONES.  The albums aren't exactly similar, but the notion can be heard.  My favorite track from THE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN is the cut, "Casket Rhythm ".  This track just blows me away lyrically, aggressively, and the music is so hardcore, it could quite make me pissed  I love it.  Some other highlights for me on here include, "When In Roam", "The Lost Art Of Staying Alive", "I Said I'm Fine", and my second favorite track "The Weekly Slap In The Face".  Now, if you want to just go digital on this release, go ahead, it's your choice of course.  However, the cover to the record (which is seen above), and the current price for the physical copy, which is in many stores at $7.99, leads me to believe buying this album in hard copy format is worth is.  It helps the artist a little more, and makes for a part of a collection as well.  I enjoyed this album quite well, better than I expected to be honest.  I believe you will definitely rock to this piece of work as well...tear shit up on the 19th!!

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