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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring The Trap-Spring The Trap EP

Just formed over a year ago, in January 2012 to be exact, Spring The Trap are
exactly what today's music scene needs.  Their debut EP, which is available through one of the links below, is quite the EP!  The lead track has a great beat to it, a music throwdown, if you will.  The track, titled "Lucid", is not my most favorite off the EP, but it's definitely worthy of buying and jamming to the core with, one hell of a son indeed....the vocals are so crisp and clear.  Near the middle of the EP release, there is an intro-like track, which clocks in just under forty seconds, it is called, "In An Instant".  I love the haunting chants on this, and it could easilty be tacked on for any of their cuts as introduction to them, I'm a big fan of good intro cuts, and I love this one.  To keep it honest, I'd have to say my least favorite track is "Brainstorm".  It's a good one, don't misread me, it just lacks the "rocker" instinct, like the other tracks seem to with hold.  "Faceless", well that's a rocker for sure.  I love this song, it is my favorite off the EP, and I have no doubt that you all will find some thunder about it as well.  The song is great lyrically as well, which I enjoyed.  This band, for only being around such a short time, is showing such potential, you definitely want to pick up a copy of this masterful music production!!  Like I said earlier, click one of their links below, and you'll find a link to purchase the EP, no doubt.  Now, I'd like to give another song some credit, and it's their song, ""Gone".  It is more melodic, almost has a feel to it, such as a "good" Trapt song, which is hard to find these days, prior to their REBORN record.  I loved "Gone", and I know you're going to as well, which makes my point.  This EP is six tracks long in total, and I promise you it's worth every dollar spent, so purchase the whole thing while your at it, "like" their facebook, and join them on Reverbnation as well.  This band has a future that looks so bright, it's lying ahead....and you'll wanna jump on this thrill ride for sure!!
RATING: 10/10 

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