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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The VirginMarys-King Of Conflict

Love it, love it, love it!!  The Virginmarys have released quite a catchy
album.  The release, titled KING OF CONFLICT, has been really catching on here in the United States, creating a bigger fan base, etc...being from the UK and all.  The band has a lot of catchy tracks, but I have to let you know my favorite track on the album, is the quite addicting creation titled, "Portrait Of Red".  This is like an older, sonic speed, thrill ride from Oasis back in their good days.  It gets you rocking, and keeps you jumping, leaving you wanting more and more of this band.  They deliver throughout, have no fear there.  The track that first caught my attention from The Virginmarys, is the song, "Dead Man's Shoes".  It's a little dark, twisted, but has a great mellow and understanding to it as well, a definite recommendation.  In fact, as of today, which is March 7th, 2013, the physical album is only $6.99 for the twelve track, standard hard copy effort.  If you go digital, as the trend as been lately, hit up I-Tunes and grab the deluxe version, featuring fifteen total songs, the three bonus tracks being stripped down, acoustics from other songs on the current record.  So, perhaps if you wanna save a little, but you collect hard copy compact discs, then perhaps purchase the physical copy for a mere seven dollars plus tax, and if you enjoy the bonus track from the digital source, the purchase those separately to suit your needs.  The bottom line is, buy this in any fashion you want, or can afford.  This is a thrill ride of an album, a catchy tune after another, and check the links below to get a taste of what you can get now, for just seven bucks!!  Love it!!
RATING: 9.25/10

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