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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ghost Of April-Clarity

CLARITY, the second release from Virginia's Ghost of April, shows great maturation
and excellent growth in talent.  I thought their first EP release, REBIRTH, was great, but CLARITY has taken it to a whole other level.  The music is stronger both lyrically, and melodically.  The talent has become more evident in the strength of the vocalist, Amar Okanovic.  I also, would like to give credit to the rest of the band, of course this is a team effort, and this band is so good together, you have got to, I've warned you, you have to give them at least a listen today!!  There is Ian Gardea, who does the recording, electronics, and performs lead guitar for the band, then you have Tyler Levy ripping the air on bass, and pounding us into the ground on drums is the talented and relentless Joshua Ray.  This EP, was released in 2011, and is available at most digital outlets of your choice.  I recommend you head to one right after you click a link below to hear the sounds of great tunes!!  My second favorite track off this EP is titled, "The Extremist".  The way they blend the vocals with the background music is incredible!!  I think Amar's harmonies are in excellent range, and lyrically this tracks goes up and down, and this track is super-catchy!!  It is a rocker for sure, and very addicting, then you get some fucking kick-ass screams in there as well, awesome, awesome!  My favorite song on this EP, or in my opinion nonetheless, is the beautifully tragic "The Further".  I love the way this track flows, just like a mellow river, a calm fire, or a blackening rose.  This song is excellent with the piano/keyboard sounds in the background, of course I am a sucker for that  I highly suggest you pick this EP up, I can pretty much guarantee you will enjoy these sounds, and rock your ass off!!  Enjoy Ghost of April, and watch for their new release coming soon in 2013!!
RATING: 10/10

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