Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breed 77-The Evil Inside

Now six albums into their career, this band has shown no letting up with this
solid release, none whatsoever.  THE EVIL INSIDE, is one hell of a beating to take, as it rips you into a world of utter chaos and relentless metal, rock, and melodic brutality.  Can you bang your head to this shit?  Fuck yes you can!!  It is recommended even.  The kickoff single, "Drown" is awesome to say the least, but I am sure you know that by now, by way of the internet video floating around here and there of the track.  The release dates for this album are all over the map.  I've heard or seen some for late April, and as early as already being out digitally, and physically at their shows.  So, pretty safe to say, good luck, and search hard, google the fucker, and I will update this site, as soon as I have a solid link to purchase the album.  However, the links below lead you to the band's sites, and some purchase sites.  I actually have two favorite songs on this album, so let us begin to dive into that info!!  First of all, I do enjoy the killer tune, "Drown", it just didn't cut it as my fave, so sorry Breed 77 members.  One track the reeled my ass in, is titled "Bring On The Rain".  Yes, the very same track that was recently released as the second video, single, from this titanic release.  This song pounds your head, and we all love a pounding, ya' know?   Lyrically one of the more solid of Breed 77's songs on the record, and if you're going to make a mix cd for your car, or home pleasure, then this is one of the songs you want on it, no doubt.  Did I say I have two favorite songs?  Oh ya, I do.  My other favorite song, came extremely close to being my most favorite, yet I just could not push it past that point.  Nonetheless, the song is called ""Motionless".  I really, really love this track.  You understand how a song connects or resonates with you, and you understand it lyrically, and it compels you?  You learn the words faster than any other song on the album because it just fits your life, it's been your life, it just makes more sense to you?  That pretty much sums up why I love this song, and it is the main reason why I suggest to you that you either pick this album up digitally, or physically, however you can.  Just please "buy" the record, support this very hard working British band by anyway you can, and be sure to check out their previous releases, they kick ass just as well.  Check into the links below, and enjoy what they offer!!
RATING: 9.5/10
"Bring On The Rain"

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