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Friday, March 15, 2013

At Night We Strike-Your Own Skin (Single)

Well, it's been some years now, but we finally have what we want; more Brandon Rike.
The former Dead Poetic vocalist, has returned with a brilliant, and amazing project, titled, At Night We Strike.  Started way back in January of 2011, Brandon has somehow, found the time to record those unmistakable vocals between the graphic design work, and family life, and given us a beautiful product.  He has done so with a former member of the Texas band, Oh, Sleeper by the name of Lucas Starr.  The bassist is working with Rike from Dallas, and along with another member, they are putting together a masterful, I'm sure, full-length album, that I would say will be released in 2013, but knowing how great this collaboration could sound together, it may be longer.  The bottom line is that it will, I can promise you, be worth the wait.  I had the fortunate opportunity to see Brandon and his former Dead Poetic band mates growing up at local churches, and clubs.  I consider myself lucky.  Such a talent, and I honestly was not aware of what I was witnessing.  The first single, from At Night We Strike, is titled, "Your Own Skin".  This song reminds me of a lot of Dead Poetic's tracks from their VICES album.  The most comparison I can give, which I use to mention often, is to the DP track, "Paralytic".  However, this ANWS song is much more definitive, more clear, more "darker", in ways that benefit "us", the fans and listeners.  Industrious, powerful, and honestly-better than I thought I stayed up until 1am to listen to this morning.  There are links below to listen to this song, and I highly suggest you do, and you just gotta, I mean Brandon Rike's voice sounds better than ever, and the engineering in this song is incredible, and the production is well-done.  A definite hit!!
RATING: 10/10

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