Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Davey Suicide-Davey Suicide

Well, after a successful EP release back in late 2012, Davey has released a full
length record here in 2013, and it is every bit of fun.  Think of it as a child of Wednesday 13, if you want to know what kind of music you're about to deal with when pressing "play" on the I-Pod, or the disc player.  I enjoy this release, truly.  I will admit, some parts, few, but some, annoy the shit out of me, but that is what makes me "jam" to this album.  "Sick Suicide" is an excellent track, and we all know that "Generation Fuck Star" is catchy as hell".  However, they both failed to be my favorite song off the debut album.  My favorite track is number seven off the record.  Davey likes to call it, "In My Chest Is A Grave".  It's not very "dance-like", and does not have a "grooviness" to it, but it has some screams and is dark lyrically, when Davey states he wants to "bury every part of you".  I love this song.  I've had it on repeat, like four times.  "One More Night", is another good, quality song.  It is a more clear, respectable, almost "love-like" song, at least for Davey, off this album.  It's quality material.  To end my charade of Davey's debut album rants, it ends with a dark, well-written, track, titled "I'll Take A Bullet For You".  It's a slower song, almost reminds you of a slower Manson track, with Davey's vocals.  I highly recommend you grab this album digitally, rather off of I-tunes, or Amazon.  If it becomes available physically at major retailers, grab it up.  As of now, it is now.  You can order it from District Lines, though I do not recommend that because that company is pathetic and slow, as far as my experiences with them, nonetheless.  Enjoy this album, it's well worth it overall!
RATING: 9/10

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