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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ghost Of April-REbirth

In the year known as 2010, Ghost of April gave us some music to listen to, and what
we would take from it, would be up to us.  Well, let me be one to admit, their first EP, titled REBIRTH, completely took me by surprise.  I wasn't very familiar with this band, but I had seen them mentioned here and there on the internet, and got curious.  Well, the kickoff track is a flatout rocker, the song is known as "Redemption".  I love this!!  The way the vocals blend with the "down your throat" instrumentals, and the lyrics are excellent.  My favorite line is "...I will be free again...".  I love the way that line blends with the texture of the song.  The scream and harmony of this song toward the end of it is one of those "catch you off guard" kind of moments, which really hooked me in.  "In The Palm Of My Hand", the second track, kicks off with a howling scream that tears holes in the sky, and you have to fucking love that, no doubt!!  The incredibly haunting vocal talents of Amar Okanovic, make these tracks each unique, and that always makes a release pleasurable to me.  Upon this release in 2010, they had a smash hit with the song, "The Monster Within".  I enjoyed this song, as I am certain you will as well, however, it didn't make my favorite of the EP.  So, nonetheless, my favorite track of this record is titled, "Trapped".  The song is dark, haunting, and very well written.  It hits home for me as well, and perhaps too much.  I love the vocals on this track the most, and I believe you have to find this EP and buy it asap.  Below are some links to point you in the direction of Ghost Of April, a band that is definitely poised to break out in 2013 with their upcoming release, rock this!!
RATING: 9.5/10

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