Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fiction Killer-Wake Up Screaming (Single)

Ty Oliver and the gang are back again, with their second single off of their upcoming
Summer release.  This time, it's the title track of their album, "Wake Up Screaming".  Due out on April 1st, through the band's official website, which you can find the link below, the single is a little different then the prior, "All My Enemies Are Dead" release.  However, this instance, different means better.  The "synth-like" beginning is bad-ass, and the following intro kicks major tunage out of the window.  If this song reminds you a little of most of the Davey Suicide album, then great!  I see a lot of the influence in this track.  Ty Oliver does an excellent job instrumentally in this masterpiece, and lyrically, it's better than their first release.  Omar Montanez's vocals are much more clear in "Wake Up Screaming as well, making this song a welcome choice for me to say, download the fucker!!  Also, download it to support this up and coming band, not because it is a free download, but because it is bad as hell!!  I am fortunate enough to be in touch with this band, and I feel bad for the "loser" band that lost Ty, and it's obvious in that band's music he's not there.  It's obvious in Fiction Killer's music that the "killer" is present, and the music is on the loose...let it ride, let it thrill ride, and turn the fucking radio, cd player, or whatever you have "Wake Up Screaming" playing on, up!!  Fiction Killer deserve your visit, so head to a link below, and say hello, tell 'em Jason sent you, or tell them their music kicks ass, either!!!!
Rating: 10+/10


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