Monday, March 4, 2013

Sevendust-Black Out The Sun

Sevendust seem to get better and better with every release in every aspect.
Their latest effort, an album called BLACK OUT THE SUN, set for a March 26th, 2013 release date via 7brothers Records.  Their first single, which has been blasting the radio waves for weeks now, is called "Decay".  It's a very catchy song, but for me, it's too original, and just does not cut it for me as a rock fan at heart.  Now, my favorite song, and probably one of the heaviest and best lyrically ones from this record, is the song, "Cold As War".  This track sent chills throughout my spine and kicks major ass, keeps the album rocking, as it is centered around the middle of the album.  Another shocker is the intro, "Memory".  This made for one excellent leadoff intro, and as usual, Sevendust was successful in pulling that off on this album.  I highly recommend you head to Best Buy or Amazon to pick this up as a physical copy, mainly because all thirteen tracks kick ass, and Amazon has it listed right now at about $10, and Best Buy has yet to list the album for preorder, but I'm sure the price will be around the same, it's all up to you of course.  "Murder Bar" is a major thrill ride, and one that really caught my attention was the reckoning called, "Dead Roses".  That's one song you will place on repeat, I can guarantee you that much.  I recommend you preorder it digitally on I-Tunes, because they have an excellent deal on it as well, all of which you can find from a link below.  Another song, to end this review with, that you must jam and listen to from BLACK OUT THE SUN, is "Got A Feeling".  This song resonates well with my life experiences, and I believe it will with some of yours as well.  IT's time to rock out, March 26th!!
RATING: 10/10

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