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Monday, March 4, 2013

Senses Fail-Renacer

Senses Fail have returned in a rather angry way.  This album, being their first since
their "best of" release, shows angst, aggression, and progression within their writing and vocals as well.  Their first single, "Mi Amor", has done pretty well at modern rock radio, and is holding steady at the digital download stores.  The album itself is due in stores on March 26th, 2013.  The record features twelve tracks, and a bunch of excellent music collectively as well.  My favorite song from this album has got to be a tough choice for me, but I am going to go with the well written, angry-filled song, "Glass".  The song is lyrically brilliant, at times it's unclear what is being said, but you pretty much get the idea and a sense of what the point is.  Another great couple of songs are "Holy Mountain", "Snake Bite", and "Courage Of The Knife".  The album's title name comes from the Spanish word, meaning "Reborn", by the way.  I would highly suggest picking this record up in stores, my guess is that it will go for around $10.99-$12.99 most places.  It is well worth it, but if you're into digital only, it's going to be worth it as well....check out the links below, preorder now, and check out some samples.....It's good to have the boys in Senses Fail back to tear shit up!!
RATING: 9.5/10

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