Sunday, March 3, 2013

Flymore-Mind Tricks EP

Flymore may sound familiar to you vocally, and that may just be due to the fact that
the vocalist, Max Morozov , who is indeed Russian, sounds a lot like Korn vocalist, Jonathan Davis.  The band has been mistaken for the band Korn before, but Flymore sound like the older version of Korn, so if that helps any.  Flymore are really good at jamming the metal, or "nu metal" down your throat, and they present great theatrics and excellent artwork with their singles and album releases.  Their recent release, which comes as an EP form, is titled MIND TRICKS.  Now, personally, I enjoy this EP very well as a complete saga of life's battles, struggles, and faith.  The subject matter is the same as what Disturbed, The Deftones, Korn, older Adema, and Coal Chamber covered pretty much.  My favorite track, and what I believe is the best song on this EP, is the the final track, song six, called "Lesson Learnt".  It's heavy, melodic, and has an excellent groove to it.  Another track that grabs attention is one titled ""No One No More".  This song is infectious and laced with hooks that tend to catch your attention when it is least expected to do so.  I recommend you pick this EP up digitally, it's worth the money as a digital EP, to say it is physically, or as a hard copy, would be lying to you.  However, buying this on I-Tunes, or a retailer such like that, is well worth it.  Jam away, and rock hard!!
RATING: 9/10

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