Saturday, March 2, 2013

Above Only-Above Only EP

Formed somewhere between late 2009 and 2010, Above Only have worked their asses off in
trying to gain interest from labels, build fan bases, and make music that installs belief in people do they can believe and follow this band with all they're about.  They are about hope, dignity, rock and roll, and purely determination.  They have roots in Cincinnati, Ohio and Memphis/Chatanooga, Tennessee as well, which brings pride to both states, with such quality musical talents.  This band, is not only just pure rock and roll, they are a well bred machine, with heartfelt screams and melodic epicenters that tug at your souls.  This latest self-titled EP, contains only three songs, but all three are worth all the three bucks, or I believe it would be about $2.97 total via Amazon's totals.  Hit up a show, they have many, and grab a hard copy of this EP, it's going to be a collectible, no doubt about that one for certain.  My favorite track from this EP, is the one that ironically spent about ten weeks at # one, titled "Evil Never Sleeps".  The song is lyrically powerful, and has a Christian rock side to it as well, I believe it has a lot of staying power on radio, in my opinion of course.  I love all three tracks, but if you asked me which one had to be the weakest track, I would have to pick the song, "Change".  The only reason is because it seems to not fit, but again, it's tough to fit in a track in a three song EP, for certain!!  I look forward to a major album release by these guys, and their management company I am sure is on top of that as we type, read, and speak.  For now, head to one of the links below, and check out Above Only, then buy their latest EP.  It's a great, rocking price, and an excellent release!!  I promise!!
RATING: 10/10

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