Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jettison Deathtrain-Fallen Kings

Cincinnati, Ohio is booming with bands lately, and Jettison Deathtrain is one of
the largest sparks to the that "booming".  The band, which pretty much well formed in the year 2009, has garnered a huge home fan base, and does not seem to be slowing down at any point soon.  Their latest release, FALLEN KINGS, in full of six dynamic track, including a close to forty-second interlude, that helps show us the "bridge" between styles of lyrical passion, and simple rock and roll.  Lead vocalist, Matt Cowherd, has one unique and strong voice, and many other bands can't compare.  Of course people always try to compare bands to the likes of Pearl Jam, Creed, Soundgarden, and other popular band from the days back then.  However, Jettison Deathtrain doesn't compare at all.  I mean, there are similarities of course, but one will find that with all artists, no doubt.  Jettison Deathtrain is on a path for success on a much higher level.  If you want to catch a show, ot buy an album, simply click a link below, and you will discover more information on just how to do that.  They are quite the incredible band!!  My favorite track on this six track effort has to be the song, "Falls Around You".  The song is quick, angry, catchy, and will lead to you placing that pedal to the medal.....(not  Another few tracks that caught my attention were "Forever", and the lead track, "Babylon".  You have to grab this album today.....all tracks, even the intro in the album, are strong as hell, and these "Kings", aren't headed anywhere but up, help them tear Cincinnati up tonight, the tomorrow!!  Check them out for sure!!
RATING: 10/10

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