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Friday, October 31, 2014

Pvris-White Noise

Well, after quite a bit of singles and remixed versions, the complete record has finally arrived.  I must admit that before hearing the single, "White Noise", I was skeptical.  I am an immense fan of the female vocalist style genre, and this ban's female sounds have me fluttered or to be blunt, captivating".  The backing and some embracing track work, work that Lyndsey Gunnolfsen set her vocals and talent to, are so incredible!  This song, "My House"(Featured Video Below) is enough of a reason to grab up the record, than any other.  "My House" and "Ghosts" are quite astonishing tracks.  They are remindful of the artist Ella Henderson.  There is no doubt that both of these stars are destined to be on the top of the Billboard charts.  I would recommend picking this release up, at a show, digital retailers, and a store near you!
Rating: 4.80/5.0

"My House: "Official Music Video

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