Friday, October 31, 2014

Genuflect-A Rose From The Dead

Genuflect's fearsome and relentless power-packed show, had given them all the right to be called "The Four Horsemen: of nu metal in this ever changing music industry.  This band has layed out eleven powerful songs, which will rearrange your mind from all the mosh pitting and head swirling that these guys gives us!  "Gather In The Streets", is once again filled with that instrument ravaging the pounds and throbs in your welcomed soul.  You may know Drew Simmolardes from the relentless band, Reveille.  They released two very solid albums, and are Ozzfest Alumni members.  Their third album, was sadly shelved, and that is a disapointing act, but now we have Genuflect to forget that ignorant move by Elektra, former home the Reveille; still a bitter moment.  "A Rose From The Dead" is more raw, nu metal, and has built a powerhouse that is hard to stray from.  To point out, other emissions from this great new EP, are "Riot On The Set:, "Gather In The Streets". Futura", and one of my most favorite, rock driving anthem that Genulfect has created, since "Head Hearse"-from their "Shadow Side" release a few years back.  It is intense, dark, and basically empowers the fans and listeners to grab even more the amazing artist.  Grab Genuflect-:A Rose From The Dead" !!

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Grab " A Rose From The Dead" 

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