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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jacquie Lee-Broken Ones

This EP, "Broken Ones" is brilliant.  You may recognize Jacquie from the hit television show, The Voice.  She impressed the judges through and through.  Well, here she is with her debut record, "Broken Ones".  This is incredible vocals and work.  The first single off the EP is the title of the release, "Broken Ones".  Below, you will find the official music video for it, and it will give you a female vocalist gift!  It is my favorite track from the effort, and I constantly find myself spinning it and playing it on the I-Pod, and also on mix cd's.  The third song from the EP, titled "Drown Me in Your Love" is irresistible and beautiful.  You will really enjoy this song, hands down.  "Tears Fall" is the darkest song, and it finds itself among the top tracks of the "Broken Ones" EP.  There is a fun, and upbeat song to get into on the album, and of course we all know it, it is called "Girls Just Want To Have Fun".  Fall into a well done song with wide vocal range and haunting piano, in the track "Right Love".  Overall, this release presents a variety of styles within it, and it delivers pretty well.  There could be stronger songs like "Broken Ones", but this being her first release, she has done quite well.  I would give this a try, I mean for the cheap price, and the quality, you really cannot go wrong with "Broken Ones"!
Rating: 4.0/5.0


"Broken Ones" Official Video


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