Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Capture The Crown-Reign Of Terror

Capture The Crown are back at it again, with their third release "Reign Of Terror".  They have signed a record deal with Artery Recordings, and I have to say this release is pretty solid.  It is a little bit of a departure from their style and sound from their previous two releases, the first being "Til Death", followed by the limited release of the EP, "Live Life".  The beginning of this release, "Reign Of Terror" is an intro titled "Reign Of Terror", and it leads into the pulse pounding track, "Red Light District".  This song is gut-wrenching, and it is a true post hardcore gem.  The song "Smirk", which follows, is nothing but another fucking killer track!  Their sound may have changed, but it is still a force to be heard and reckoned with.  It took me a bit to take in the change and accept it, but the change also shows the growth of the band, behind the front man and lead singer, Jeffrey Wellfare.  Recently, the band has undergone major changes in their lineup, but Capture The Crown seems relentless in their pursuit of being one hell of a screaming force in this music industry.  "Firestarter" is a track that is killer and has become my second favorite song off of "Reign Of Terror".  It reminds me of their previous songs off their first two releases.  It is quite the jam, that is for sure!  My favorite track is actually two songs, that are tied for my faves.  "Oxy Sunrise" and "Beating The Blade" are excellent reminders of how raw and pure post hardcore and "screamo" music can be.  Other standouts off the album are "To Whom It May Concern" and the lovely track "Janina".  I recommend giving this a try, as it is currently and has been at a cheap and great price.
Rating: 4.25/5.0

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