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Monday, October 27, 2014

Sean Danielsen-Food Chain

Well, it's here, finally.  A solid rock effort that we can all enjoy and learn
to love.  Sean has given us a "gift" and a relentless pursuit of excellent music, indeed.
With his second solo release, "Food Chain", his voice resonates so deeply with the listener and
fan.  You know him from the top-selling band, Smile Empty Soul.  However, you will
get to know him even better with his solo releases, "Enjoy The Process" and "Food Chain'.
The first single from "Food Chain", is the song "Rescue Me", which premiered on the Revolver
Magazine website not too long ago.  Wow, such strong lyrics in this one.  He lets loose, and never
looks back lyrically, and the guitar is so soothing and addicting, it's not funny.  Not one bit.
To me, the most solid track from the EP, is the third song, "Beautiful Things".  "Beautiful Things"
is so, well, beautiful, and reminds me of a classic Smile Empty Soul ballad, and it definitely rocks!
However, don't forget about the incredible tracks "Waves" and "Broken Bones and Skeletons".  This
effort is very, very good.  There is no, and cannot be, an excuse to not give this EP a shot.  You
can pre-order it on I-Tunes now for only $3.99.  You cannot go wrong.  If you are a fan of excellent
acoustic guitar, lyrically-laced tracks that give you chills, or simply great music-this one is for you!
I guarantee you will enjoy all five tracks with pleasure and pure smiles!!  Crank it up, rock out to it, and most of all, know that this music is for you!!  You can relate to this material very well, and I know that with songs like "Food Chain", and more, you will be able to dive into the EP without looking back.  Sean Danielsen, the Smile Empty Soul vocalist, lets loose, and never lets the fan or listener down in this release.  Pick up your copy at his upcoming solo tour, or online at your favorite
digital retailer on November 4th, 2014.  You will love this, period!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Don't Miss Out, Grab This Now!!

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