Friday, November 7, 2014

Valence-Laser Baron

Hailing from Westchester, New York, Valence id a force.  After touring constantly over the New England area, they were finally capable to find the time to release a masterful record called, "Laser Baron".  By opening for bands such as  The Sword, Clutch, and the rockers Consider The Source.  After all this relentless touring, one would be shocked a band could come out swinging with a powerful album, such as "Laser Baron".  The concept is basically a three part epic based on the fictional character, Doctor Mervin Taylor.  Taylor is represented by a tough struggle between evil and good.  The EP, so to speak, rings in at about sixteen minutes long and the struggles between evils and good can be felt in this musical wonder.  Also, forthcoming from the release is it's essence of pure music,  is a story of transcendence parallel universe if good evil.  Geoffrey Schaefer had penned and inked a storyline that gave us all the full story of Laser Baron.  The band are currently writing and arranging new material for 2015, while still showcasing the story of "Laser Baron".  nost of this is being done by the bold and inventive guitar playing Geoffrey Schaefer.  This is one of the most compelling projects I have had the pleasure of reviewing and listening to lately.  Actually titled, The Birth Of The Laser Baron, the effort's three parts are dynamic, unique in strength  and sound.  Track one, ""Part 1: Part 2", is a very inviting trance that welcomes us listeners into a wealth ofsome powerhouse musical arrangements.  My favorite section of this epic release is the one Valence titled "Chapter 2: Wormhole".  This one is very well composed and and written, and just may have what are the ingredients to be a really, really solid track.  For that matter, this entire band is really solid and shows that they have something to prove to the musical world we live and "rock out" in!!  This storytelling epic of a release is more proof that really good much does still exist, and this one is worth a listen.  I know it's not as many tracks, but the length of the songs, and the supremem quality of each track can really cause you to not go wrong!!



"Laser Baron" Promotional Video

Valence !!

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