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Thursday, November 13, 2014

In This Moment-Black Widow

Maria Brink and her band are back, and they are still doing what they do.  The band, In This Moment, are set to release their new album, "Black Widow", on November 18th, 2014.  Featuring thirteen standard tracks, with another special edition holding fifteen songs, "Black Widow" contains some metal, ballad material, rock, sexual themes, and a rawness that makes this one of the most distinct bands today.  With their lead single, "Sick Like Me", there is diversity shown, and it is done well.  Here soothing tone at times, mixes well with the tempo, and it was displayed pretty solidly.  "Bloody Creature Poster Girl" and "Big Bad Wolf" are of a different breed than, say, "Sick Like Me" is.  Those previously two mentioned songs have a different groove, and they really add some different elements to the album.  My favorite track is the "ballad-like" song, "Sexual Hallucination", which features the lead vocalist from the rock band Shinedown, Brent Smith.  This is incredibly well conducted, arranged, mixed, and sung.  Brent's vocals soar and blend in so well with Maria's, it become almost surreal.  This record has some weak moments though, with the songs "Out Of Hell", "Dirty Pretty", and "The Fighter".  However, according to the going rate price, or at least the introductory pricing for "Black Widow", you really can get your money's worth here.  The final track I would like to mention is the strong one called "Bones".  I really enjoyed this song, and it holds some strong dynamics, and the lyrics/vocals are portrayed almost to perfection.  This would have to be a close second to my fave off the release.  I would say this album is one of In This Moment's best, and I recommend this to anyone seeking either something new to listen to or get into, as well as the regular In This Moment fan out there.  Grab it up either digitally, the Best Buy bonus track version, or even the standard edition on this upcoming Tuesday!

Become A Victim To The "Black Widow"!!

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