Thursday, November 13, 2014


Brian Zuckerman does something very, very well.  What he does is very hard to accomplish, and to be "perfected".  He is one hell of a musician, and with his latest release, "Metaphor", he once again proves this to be the truth.  His band, Cyrenic, hails from the area of Baltimore and D.C., and they flat out rock.  This album, though having been released since May of 2014, has drawn me into listening to it's raw and intense lyrics, powerful vocals, and impressively layered arrangements.  The first single that was released from "Metaphor", is titled "Slow Emotion".  It holds a deep meaning to me personally after listening to it thousands of times, and I believe many of you will fall into the ocean of the song as well.  "Constant Change" really does an excellent job of kicking off the album, running close to five minutes, the song has killer lyrics, and Brian's vocals are layed out to a perfection!  My favorite song from "Metaphor" is the tune Cyrenic called "Tightrope'.  Being the fourth cut on the album, and an incredible track, this one laces me up with feelings of strong emotion and has helped me get through many, many trying times in life.  To sum it up on "Tightrope"; I absolutely love it.  Now, "Metaphor", is just the latest in many releases by the indie band.  With a pretty "neat" theme in the album, Cyrenic gives us track three in "Metaphor (Devil)" and then launches into track number fifteen (the final song off the album) with a song named "Metaphor (Angel)".  This, I find, is unique and the songs also are not disappointing at all.  In fact, to be quite open and completely honest on this release, there is not a single disappointing aspect of this album.  Other really solid tracks are "Sacrifice", "Current", "Bite The Hands That Bleed", and track number  eight "Resuscitate".  Do not get me wrong for one second, all the songs off "Metaphor" are incredible.  I suggest and highly recommend you discover this band for yourself, if you weren't aware of them already from when they've opened shows with the likes of bands such as Like A Storm, Creed, Fuel, and Alter Bridge.  All of their releases are solid, but for me, "Metaphor" presents itself with one hell of a band lineup, instrumental thrust, lyrical dominance, and a strong vocal.  Head to any of the links below to hear more, read more on Cyrenic, and then you'll fall in love with their sound and find yourself picking up all the music you want from them!

You Will Love This Band!!

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