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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Dreaming-Alone (Single)

If you haven't heard of this band, it's about time you open up your ears.  Upon first hearing the vocalist of The Dreaming's vocals, you probably could recognize him from the industrial rock band from some years back known as Stabbing Westward.  Christopher Hall, the man behind The Dreaming and Stabbing Westward, proves he still holds a powerful voice and is a strong force in the industry.  Hailing from L.A., The Dreaming have undergone various lineup changes and label moves, but in my opinion, it's only made them tougher and much better!  They have released numerous EP's and have two very solid albums out thus far.  With their debut record, "Etched In Blood" and their follow-up, "Puppet", the band garnered many fans and toured relentlessly.  Well, I'm glad to announce they are on fire again with their brand new single, "Alone".  "Alone" is the first cut being released off their new label home, Metropolis Records, which is also home of a band known as The Birthday Massacre.  I am very impressed with "Alone", and it's return to "Stabbing Westward-type" arrangements and sound.  There seems to be a stronger, and throttling driving force behind "Alone".  As well, the very skilled band announced an upcoming third album due, this one called "Rise Again".  The effort is expected February of 2015.  I love "Alone", and I believe you will as well.  It is available at most digital outlets on the web, however, if you grab it off the Metropolis Records link below, you will find in addition to the alternate remix of the track, another version titled "The Sinister Mix".  Also, I believe the single is cheaper via that site, and more of the proceeds benefit The Dreaming as well.  The band's current lineup features the main man himself, Walter Flakus performing the programming and keys of their sound, and I have to admit-it is killer shit!!  With Carlton Bost on guitar, Johnny Haro kicking ass on drums, and Brent Ashley on bass; The Dreaming have never sounded so good.  I recommend picking up all versions of the single "Alone", which are the album version, the "Sinister Mix", and the "Reamped Mix".  You cannot go wrong, and will be quite rocking your damn head off to "Alone" and it's a pretty safe bet the song will be repeating on your I-pod, car stereo, or even your home player.  Grab "Alone" now!!

"...the isolation tearing you apart...."

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