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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Joel Jorgensen-This Aching Heart (Single)

Joel Jorgensen is one hell of a talent folks.  With a determined, and strong work ethic, Joel give his many fans material that is both extremely beautiful and worth every bit of the art that it truly is.  You may know the man from the band known as Angels Fall, who had a smash song called "Drunk Enough" a couple years back.  Don't allow the Angels Fall moniker to fool you, Joel's passion and love for the art of music shows much more brighter and powerful with his upcoming solo EP release.  The debut off that effort is titled "This Aching Heart", and it is an incredible piece of work indeed.  The song is available off his ReverbNation page for free download, of which you may follow the link below to obtain your treasure.  To mention, another strong song of Joel's is titled "Every Day", and you can get a splendid taste of that on the ReverbNation link as well, and you can truly dive deep into what drives Joel Jorgensen with his music, by checking out any of the links below.  "This Aching Heart", clocks in just under five minutes in duration, and it is a magnificent song.  The acoustic guitar is amazing, and the lyrics show depth, creativity, and Joel's true talent.  I really can't say enough about this track to be honest.  I really enjoy it, and I have never had a song on repeat so much before in my life!!  The forthcoming EP that Joel is currently working hard on, I'm sure will be brilliant and a hot commodity once it is unleashed to the fans and the music world as a whole.  Go ahead, check out more on Jorgensen below, and see just how good the guy can be, and what "treasures" you can find within the music itself!!

Do Not Pass This Song Up!!

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