Thursday, November 20, 2014


Caleb Shomo is one bad motherfucker.  This guy can scream and tear it up like nobody's business, as he did in the former band, Attack Attack.  Well, my friends, Caleb is here with his new project, Beartooth.  Their first release, the EP titled "Sick" has sold thousands, and it proves a stomping ground was on the way with Beartooth and their label, Red Bull Records.  With the throttling song, "I Have A Problem", which was the first single ever, the band lets loose, and tears the vocals chrods out of anything that stands in their way.  The current single, "The Lines", is brilliant and the lyrics are the strongest you will find on this 12-track album, titled "Disgusting".  Caleb's voice sounds hardcore as hell in the songs "Dead", "Relapsing", and "One More".  My favorite song off this release of hopefully many, many more to come, is the track "Body Bag".  It just resonates with me quite better than any of the other songs, and the tempo is brilliant and incredibly well layed out.  If I have to pick a second favorite song, it would be "Me In My Own Head".  I enjoy the vocal arrangements on this one, and it really pounds hard in the speakers, no doubt about that.  Overall, all twelve songs are great, and well arranged.  I recommend, though it has been out since early Summer of 2014, you pick this up anywhere you can find music, and as they played the Vans Warped Tour in 2014, here's to hoping this relentless band will once again rock out on the 2015 edition of the tour!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Pick It Up And Be "Disgusting" Today!!

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