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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Milton Incident-Innocence Lost

What a ride it has been for the members of The Milton Incident.  This band has seen it's ups and downs for a few years lately.  Featuring the power behind the former band, Stonedrive, the vocals and lyrics are equally as brilliant as previous releases.  The infectious and deep intro on the debut album from The Milton Incident, titled "Innocence Lost", is really one of the best introductions to an album I have come across.  The album picks up after that track, which is the first song on the record, with a pounding and relentless track called "Deadset".  This is a very well arranged song, and sets the tone for the album without a doubt!  My favorite pick off the album is a song that resonates well with me and this life we all live, this song is called "Dearest Enemy".  "Dearest Enemy" was ironically one of the first songs that The Milton Incident released.  There were some demos floating around on the net for this, and other means to snatch up or hear this song.  It is a very kick ass track!  Some other stand out pieces of the record are "Torn Down", "Pyromaniac", "Dopamine", and the solid outing titled "Memento".  This band, which hails from the beautiful country of  France, is one of many up and coming rock artists from the country.  Another powerful and beautiful artist from France is the lady known as "Cylew", of which whom you can find reviews of her two albums on this very blog.  I recommend checking her music out as well.  However, to end this with an honest opinion, which I always lace the blog with, I will go on record and admit that The Milton Incident is definitely a band to keep your eyes on, and prepare your ears for!!  You have to check them out, the debut album has been released overseas for some months now, but it is about to be unleashed in America on December 2nd, 2014!!  From what I have seen, the pricing for the record is really at a super price, and should fit well within your budget.  Don't miss out, pick "Innocence Lost" up for your musical pleasures!!
Rating: 4.75/5.0

Get Your Feel Of "Innocence Lost"!!


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