Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cyrenic-Selective Memory

             Few bands can release multiple albums these days, especially as an independent artist.  It's even harder for bands to "re-release" music, and have it go over well.  There has been an exception to all of this, and it is the band, Cyrenic.  Their latest release (January 22nd), "Selective Memory", is eloquent and brilliant.  It features ten tracks, which includes 2 Brand New songs!!  The remaining 8 "re-worked" songs are masterfully done.  Take "Let it Burn", for example.  The song's previous incarnation, featured the female power of Adria Zuckerman within the depths of the track.  "Selective Memory" has the same track, polished up a bit, and even now without Adria's vocals on it, the song sounds more haunting, more diverse than ever before!  "The End", which leads off the new album, is a rocker no doubt!!  It drives your amp inside your heart up, and leads you into this incredible album.  I started to bang my own head, seconds after the track  The first single released from this album is titled, "The Whites of Your Lies".  Yes, this track was on a previous release, but my friends, it was not as good as it is now, on "Selective Memory", not even close.  "Lullaby" is probably the most brilliant track on the record.  In my opinion, this song flows so well, as if it's leading us into temptation to tear into more Cyrenic music!!  Other featured tracks, such as "Wait of the World", "Gravity", and "Negative Space" continue our journey through this beauty-laced album.  The title track, "Selective Memory", blends their approach with edge, and touching grace at the same time.  "Timeless" is, if there are any, my least favorite track.  However, do not mistake this as a weakness, because this release has none.  "Timeless" is still part of the diversity within the flow of this record, and has a powerful message within it's parts.  Of course, I have to admit my favorite track, and it is titled, "Shattered".  In fact, it's on the I-Pod right now!  The beat has an edge to it, driving me to move my body with this album, yet again, and the hook is incredibly well-written.  To conclude, I just would like to thank Brian Zuckerman and the gang for releasing "real" music, both lyrically and passionately.  This is an incredible piece of work, and I definitely recommend you pick this up, if not on their website (see link below), then hit up I-tunes.

RATING: 9.5/10

                                                                                     Cyrenic Website

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