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Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Less Reason-A Blueprint For Writhing EP

            One Less Reason have released a new EP, and I have to admit, I love it all!  The record leads off with a song titled, "All Beauty Fades", and lyrically, I find this track as my second favorite one on the release.  The band released this effort for their fans, and held true to their word.  It was around the holidays, when the band mailed out the EP to those who purchased it off the web.  However, the frustration was about to begin.  The postal service lost, on average, about 30% of the cd's mailed out.  I would see constant complaints on their site, and the band did not falter.  To be true to their nature, they resent albums, and resent.  This release, after all, was partially funded by their fans, and the band did an excellent job getting this release out to them, not allowing any problems to stop them.  I am proud to have this EP, and to have been a part of the band's success.  The second track on the EP, titled "Million Miles", is a rocker!!  This track was the first one released on their site, and it sure grabbed my attention.  They held true to form, and the track was instantly a doorway for more to come.  "The Wrong One" is their best lyrical effort.  The song has peaks and valleys, and it is harmlessly addicting.  I highly recommend this track, if you want to sample One Less Reason's current style.  "The end track on the EP, "Blueprints", is a typical rocker, with soothing lyrics.  The depth of the song show us just how touch life can be.  After the terrible storm, SANDY, struck the northeast, the band had shot a video for their best track on the EP, a song called "Uneasy".  They donated all proceeds of the single and video views to their chosen charity, for those affected by the terrible disaster.  It's bands like this, that help us appreciate the meaning and healing power of music.  Finally, the sad passing of former front man of the group, Joan Red, haunts us on this release.  "Never Let You Go", shows Anthony (Former Joan Red vocalist, deceased) and his talents very well.  This song, which has perhaps more meaning with the passing of Anthony, really grabs your heart and pulls tears from your eyes.  It is a wonderful track, and shows the potential Joan Red had, and the powerful influence One Less Reason still possesses.  Pick up a copy of this EP today!!  Support the band, comment on their facebook page, and listen to what you're missing out on today.

    RATING: 10/10                                              Website

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