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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ice Nine Kills-The Predator EP

          This band seems not recognize the word, "quit".  They have spun out more than a few albums and EP's, and with their latest effort, there is no sign of letting up.  Ice Nine Kills show us the most diversity that they've shown, in previous releases.  "The Predator" EP glows with five great tunes, and awesome riffs.  They even cover the sensation they call, Adele.  In fact, the video for their cover of Adele's, "Someone Like You", has gotten many views on youtube, and other facets.  The lead track, titled "The Coffin is Moving", will get you moving quick.  With an extraordinary introduction in the track, the band shows it's power and range.  Lyrically, I would consider this their best song to date, with all previous releases combined.  Ice Nine Kills released this EP for the fans, and ironically, it is the fans that pushed and helped this EP be released.  Through a popular program called, KickStarter, the band managed to exceed it's goals, and rewarded those who contributed, and even those who couldn't, with this amazing EP.  Speaking of amazing, I would have to say that my favorite song on the release has got to be, "What I Never Learned in Study Hall".  The song features famed vocalist, Tyler Carter.  It goes down many different avenues in the track, and the brutality of Ice Nine Kills is still evident with the song.  The remaining two tracks on this EP, which can be purchased as a physical copy on merchnow (see link below), or at most digital retailers, are still strong.  "A Reptile's Dysfunction" and "Father's Day", are groove-laced tracks that will get you jumping.  I typically play "Father's Day" and "The Coffin is Moving" the most, but as a whole, this EP is worth every cent.  The band currently are touring with bands like The Color Morale, For All I Am, and soon with Capture the Crown, I see Stars, and For All Those Sleeping.  If they come near your area, I highly suggest you catch them live.  They are touring machines, relentless in what they love, and passing up this EP, would be a musical mistake on your part.  Watch for a full-length release later this year, 2013.

RATING: 9/10


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