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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sara Skinner-Unchangeable EP

            Sara Skinner has one of those voices that get stuck in your head.  Her range is eclectic, and the power is obviously from deep inside her soul.  She began as a youtube sensation, doing cover song, after cover song.  I must admit, I am not one fond of musicians that do cover songs, but Sara's renditions were so much better, so much more unique, it drew me into her.  I discovered Sara's music and talents after seeing an online post by the band, Angels Fall.  I heard her cover of the Alicia Keys' smash single, "Girl on Fire", and I was completely blown away.  She added darkness, and a whole new depth to the single.  Now, please don't get caught up in Sara's ability to completely master cover songs.  Sara Skinner has some amazing originality in her own rights.  Her first breakthrough song and video, was for her original track, "Break".  The video can be found on her youtube link below, and it is so compelling, you want to dive right into her entire catalogue.  My favorite track off the current EP, is titled, "The Only One".  Lyrically one of the best songs I've heard, and it will become contagious to your ears.  Sara has laced this track with brilliance and it holds an excellent message.  Judge for yourself, order the EP today!  If there is a weakness on Sara's record, it would have to be the track, "Unchangeable".  This song is good, don't get me wrong, but it seems to almost be a "filler" of sorts, though Sara's vocals seem to make every song addicting.  "With You" is quite simply beautiful.  Sara took a different approach with this track, and it is obvious with her tone and lyrics.  If you want to crank a song up, other than "Break", I would definitely turn the volume up on this one my friends.  Finally, "Holding On", shows us her diversity.  Sara has a beautiful, direct voice, yes; however, she has distinction.  Radio will know her very soon, and you will too.  With over 5,000 subscribers, and more everyday, Sara is reeling fans in, by the hundreds.  The key to her success seems to be that it's not about the fame, it seems to be about the music and fans with her.  Sara recently attended the NAMM Convention, and there is little doubt the representatives there were blessed to catch a performance, and to meet her.  If you want to compare Sara to any artists out there today, I would suggest Sarah McLachlan or Christina Perri.  However, as heard on "Break", Sara is different, and in this instance, "different" is quite good.

RATING: 9/10


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